The Return Of Aisa


"I'm Aisa!" said the girl. She extended a hand to Joshua.

It was that blue haired girl. Except her hair was black now. Also, for some reason it was tied up in pig-tails.

The girl from the dream that made no sense, she was now standing in the hallway. Joshua wondered what it all meant. His mind reeled, as if there were a million hidden secrets knocking from within his subconscious.

"Heh, what's with the pig-tails loser?" said a boy who had appeared behind her. A well known bully of sorts. "You four years old or something?"

"I am surprised you would find them so offensive to you," replied Aisa, turning to face her accuser. "Perhaps you are trying to hide a pedophilia complex?"

"What did you say?! You think you can mess with me 'cause you're so smart miss transfer student who skipped a grade or something? Why I oughta teach you some respect here, this is my school."

He advanced towards her, and in the background Joshua started moving to try and stop this, but there was just enough time for the bully to grab her sweater before she turned and flipped him over like a toy. Joshua stopped in mid-step, feeling rather foolish. No one laughed.

"You bit--"

"Oh shut up Bryan, you've been schooled. Let's go man," said another boy as he turned and walked off.

Begrudgingly, Bryan followed after the other boy.

"I guess you can handle yourself well then," said Joshua.

"You should not feel any anxiety over my well being. I am quite capable of self-defence," she said.