Time Slip Precognition (Part 2)


The stars shifted back, returning to their normal colour, and Joshua found himself still lying on his bed at home. For a moment he just stared at the stars and at the darkened white ceiling. Was it just a dream? Could he take that chance?

"Oh, dammit!" cursed Joshua.

Quickly he flew out of his room, down the stairs and out the door, stopping only to put on his shoes. He raced down the street to the metro station. Thankfully a train sat waiting. He hopped in and waited as it took him back to the school. At the station near the school, he hurried up the steps. He wasn't sure if any of this made any sense. He just, needed to be sure.

She was across the street, a girl in a red jacket and green skirt, long blond hair flowing in braids. She started walking towards the far side as the traffic light turned green.

Deja vu.

He ran towards her as she was beginning to cross and looking the other way to check in the other direction for traffic. She took a step onto the street. The traffic light had taken on an otherworldly orange hue. The stars and streetlamps turned that eerie menacing red. The rest of the world seemed to lose colour. Leaves falling from trees stopped in mid-air, as if frozen in time. Joshua appeared suddenly in front of her.

"Mary! Get down!"

"Josh? What are you--"

He pushed her to the ground as the now stray round exploded on the exceptionally grey pavement, sending sparks and bizarrely, leaving no damage. As if in response, gunfire erupted from another rooftop, this one directed at the first shooter. A battle was being raged.