Rooftop Battlefield


"How impetuous!" said a certain woman, now dressed in somewhat peculiar looking combat gear. It was like she was covered from the neck down in a metallic, yet flexible looking armour that followed the contours of her body. She held a smart looking rifle in her right hand, and binoculars in her left.

She stood atop the rooftop, surveying the situation as the rest of her team opened fire on the sniper. In a corner of the same rooftop, a man in heavier looking but similar combat gear fired off a spray of rounds at the sniper's last known position from a menacing looking machine gun. The rounds glanced off the edge of the rooftop on the other side of the street, leaving no mark on the grey surface of the building.

"We have incoming interceptions at six o'clock!" said another younger looking man, also wearing combat gear, standing on the opposite corner and looking through the scope of a sniper rifle.

Suddenly a series of bright flashes of blue light pierced the sky behind them, harbingers of the arrival of an enemy reinforcement. Turning around to face the new threat, the team saw what appeared to be the form of some kind of red and black aircraft descending towards them, except that suddenly it became a humanoid form as it landed on another rooftop. The machine's face, if one could call it that, was a single black dome with a rather menancing looking glowing red dot in the middle, that turned this way and that like a pupil.

"It's a Type IX Dragoon!" declared the younger man.

"Marconi, call in the Lancer!" commanded the woman.

"Roger that!" replied the younger man as he set aside the sniper rifle and turned to a laptop. Quickly he typed in some commands and suddenly, right above the rooftop they were positioned at, a bright blue light pierced the sky. A similar blue and grey mechanical being emerged, this one with a green dot in the centre of its face.

"IMC Class VII Lancer at your service, commander!" boomed a voice from the machine.

The woman quickly saluted and then pointed in the direction of the enemy machine.

"Please take care of that," she said.

"With pleasure," replied the low mechanical voice.

"Uh, several infiltrators on the six o'clock roof! Drake?" shouted Marconi, who was back at the sniper rifle's scope, surveying the rooftop that the enemy machine had landed on. Shadowy human figures had appeared on said rooftop and were moving into positions.

"I see 'em," replied the older man. In the last few seconds he had hustled to the other side of the rooftop and was now positioning his machine gun in the direction of the enemy reinforcements. He opened fire. The shadowy human figures scattered. A bullet clipped one of them, but appeared to merely glance off without effect.

"They have deflects!" said Marconi. "Requesting authorization for advanced requisition of--"

A soft, almost singing female voice interrupted. "Uh, we have a situation below!" said a girl with blue hair, who was dressed in the same style of armour, but seemed to carry no weapon, only a pair of binoculars that were pointed down towards the street where Joshua and Mary had been earlier...